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Solera Networks product offerings provide a near-instantaneous look at what’s happening on a network. Our approach to network security, which we call Network Security Analytics, provides a network operator with actionable warnings as well as a complete record of everything that moves across a network.

Driven by a unique and robust recording technology, Solera delivers the ability to determine the origin of threats, or the destination of any exfiltrated or stolen information, rapidly — even in heavy network streams. The Solera solutions deliver complete network visibility, down to the packet level, like a security camera system that can see everywhere, from any direction, and with any zoom level, all the time.

Solera Networks Labs works to develop new ways to view, analyze, and make decisions based on the characteristics of malicious, versus normal, communications over your network. To accomplish this task, we study the traffic patterns generated by unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary, or plainly malicious activity. In the modern landscape of security threats, virtually everything traverses the network at some point. Whether that activity is driven by malware, directed or random probes or attacks from outside or inside the perimeter, or even misconfigured or malfunctioning equipment, we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Led by Director of Threat Research Andrew Brandt, the Solera Networks Labs group collaborates with information security professionals from around the globe about novel threats, and shares knowledge about cybercrime, the characteristic behavior of (and network activity generated by) malware — and the online threat environment as a whole — with the world, through this blog.

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